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What is Montessori education?


Our philosophy is based on the Montessori Method, where the classroom is merely the space provided to encourage autonomy, it is a child led atmosphere, and the teacher is only a guide. The classroom offers each child didactic material specialized for their developmental level.

At Montessori Hills academy, we follow Dr. Montessori’s “planes of development,” for mixed-age classrooms. Students are grouped 2.5-6 years old. In our mixed-age classrooms, we follow the child as they progress at different rates in varying areas. Teachers guide children to move along to the next stage of the curriculum when they are ready. We provide a span of materials and activities that allow each child to work at the pace and level best suited for their individual interests and abilities.

Mixed age groups offer many amazing benefits to children such as improved academic outcomes, encourage emotional well-being, boosts social skills, provides stability, builds self-confidence, and offers real world experiences.

Why “An exclusive way to grow and learn?”

At MHA the being of each child is of great importance to us. It is our goal to provide a formation that allows them to develop their own identity. That is why it is necessary to strengthen attitudes that configure and model ideas, feelings, actions of children as well as values that help grow harmonious development of all human qualities. We are a school interested in the potential development of children, respecting their essence, promoted through multiple comprehensive activities.

As part of our extracurricular program, we offer Soccer Shots & Amazing Athletes.

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